Rules for transporting the piano and grand piano

Rules for transporting the piano and grand piano

Moving is always a troublesome task.  It is especially complicated if it is necessary to transport bulky items.  For example, the weight of the piano makes it impossible to take it up to the floor and transport a musical instrument without assistance.  But not only the dimensions matter – such equipment should be moved in compliance with the rules, because otherwise you can severely damage the tool.

 How should the piano or grand piano be properly transported and what is the difference between these musical instruments? 

What is the difference between a piano and a grand piano? 

When ordering a tool transportation service, the operator will definitely specify what kind of keyboards you need to transport.  Is it really that important? 

What is the difference between a piano and a grand piano?  The grand piano is distinguished by the horizontal placement of the deck, strings and mechanics. That’s why it has a larger size and a lid. The piano is a compact version, which became possible due to the vertical type of arrangement of the deck, strings and the mechanical part.  Experience shows that transporting a piano is easier than carrying a piano. 

Features of transporting the piano and grand piano

Do you need to transport a grand piano?  Be sure to specify this detail when ordering a move.  A moving company must take this point into account when drawing up the work plan.  So, it is important to choose the optimal composition of loaders, suitable packaging and necessary tools.  When you first contact a moving company, you should find out if it has any experience in transporting pianos and pianos.

 What is the difference between transporting a grand piano and transporting a piano?  The main difference is in the specific design of the tools.  So, the grand piano, with large dimensions, weighs less than the piano.  But a heavy piano, which is more convenient in transportation, requires great efforts during transportation and, often, the use of special equipment. 

What is the most difficult stage of transportation?  Perhaps the greatest concentration and skills of specialists requires a moment from taking the tool out of the house to loading it into the truck and the opposite situation – when unloading and lifting to a new place.  Moving in these cases is carried out by riggers.  In the process of transporting a tool in a car with proper fixing of its there must be no difficulties.

Transportation of grand pianos and pianos: preparatory stage

Transportation of pianos and grand pianos requires prior preparation. How to transport a grand piano or piano correctly?  To begin with, the tool must be properly packaged.  Specialists use for this purpose a material that is resistant to mechanical stress and is able to protect equipment both outside and its internal mechanisms.  Similar packaging is used when moving large office equipment.  A properly packaged tool will not open during moving and will not be damaged. 

Transportation of pianos and pianos includes:

  • removal of the object from the apartment (if necessary, descent from the floor); 
  • loading a tool in a truck;
  • cargo fixation;
  • shipping; 
  • unloading a car using additional rigging tools; 
  • taking it up to the floor, skidding into the apartment. 

The driver carefully selects the route before moving.  There should not be bumps, potholes, holes on the road, the intersection of which may cause damage to the tool.  Mira moving movers transport pianos and grand pianos in compliance with all requirements and rules for the transportation of large musical instruments.  Experts guarantee: an apartment move with the need to transport the piano will be made with the highest quality!

 How long does it take to transport a piano or grand piano?  In most cases, such a move is carried out by specialists quickly enough.  The owners can accelerate the process by preparing the instrument in advance – to clean it, fold all the opening parts to the closed position, removing furniture and other objects that can make it difficult to move the piano.

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