Compare: moving in winter and summer

Compare: moving in winter and summer

It’s difficult to move in the summer, because it’s hot. It’s even more difficult to move in winter, because it’s cold. In autumn and spring, moving is completely unpleasant – because of the dampness and cloudy weather….

It turns out that at almost any time of the year it is inconvenient to move. So does the season really matter? What to prepare for if you have to move in winter is there anything that you should think about in advance? Mira Moving Company will help you to find the answers on all questions in this article!

“Relocation is rarely planned at certain times of the year. Many, primarily tenants, are guided by seasonal changes in prices. Demand for rented apartments, for example, it often grows in August-September, and by November-December falls. Of course, this affects their cost. Again, the warm season is the time for repairs. At the end of their many move – and this is just autumn-winter.

If you move in the cold season, you should think about two things in advance. The first is good packaging. This does not mean “cheap”. This means “a water-tight coating that is easy to shake off dirt.” The weather forecast is a scientifically based assumption, and we advise you to play it safe, not hoping that it will be really warm and dry on the day of your move.

Choosing a flexible, comfortable and not too heavy waterproof coating is actually not difficult. Just look at the range of plastic films. Of course, it is better to choose a dense material so that it does not accidentally tear. Many prefer to make multi-layered “convolutions” for reliability. First, the thing is wrapped in plastic wrap, and then put in a cardboard box.

If you have large, heavy things – such as industrial equipment, antique furniture, pianos and the like – it is better to entrust the packaging to professionals. Or at least contact them in advance for advice on which material will be most suitable. Oddly enough, in many cases, brand new polyethylene is more effective than old rags.

If you call Mira moving Company you won’t need to puzzle over packaging, cause our company will fully perform packing/unpacking of household items in a new place with the provision of the necessary materials and plastic boxes. Your move will be comfortable and quick with us.

The second important thing is a safe driving route. Everyone is familiar with the first autumn frosts, when roads are covered with treacherous icy conditions in one night. Slippery railroad crossings… Huge puddles occupying half roads… In summer, it can be convenient and safe to cut the path. But with the onset of cold weather, these are already areas of increased danger.

Mira Moving Company has everything to make your move easy and comfortable: a professional team of movers, our fleet of trucks of different carrying capacities and equipment for loading and unloading.Конец формы

 Our moving company is famous of comprehensive organization of transport activities. We pre-inspect the area where your new apartment is located, determine the entrance paths and reserve parking lots in advance.

In general, before you move on the road, you need to properly arrange things in the back. Calculate in advance what the severity is. Arrange things in a way so that to balance the front and rear, as well as the right and left sides. Of course, you must comply with the norms of load capacity. Do not load the machine in excess of permissible weight in winter! The balance changes, the speed of movement changes, the car “sags”. If you do not have the slightest desire to puzzle over the correct distribution of weights – call Mira Moving Company. We will solve this problem much faster.