Rules for preparing furniture for transportation

Preparing furniture for a move is a process that requires thoroughness, scrupulousness, and special attention. Many people underestimate the importance of this stage or completely neglect it and it’s completely wrong. An unexpectedly opened drawer or door of the nightstand can damage the integrity of the entire product. Not to mention the sideboard, in which fragile elements are provided (pens, glass shelves, stained-glass windows, etc.). Your favorite sofa can also be seriously damaged if it is not properly prepared for transportation.

So, rules for preparing furniture for transportation:

There are a number of rules and tips that will help prevent the risk of dents, scratches, other damage to the transported products. Observing them, you can save furniture in integrity, which means to save yourself from various troubles and bad mood. We present to your attention the main recommendations for disassembling and packaging various pieces of furniture before transportation:

• if the sofa or cupboard is too bulky, you should first disassemble it, that will minimize the risk of subsequent damage;

• it is always better to entrust the dismantling of furniture to professionals who have certain skills in this process;

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• you should dismantle the glass and mirror elements of the cabinet, dressing table, sideboard in order to maintain their integrity;

• doors and drawers that for some reason cannot be removed must be taped to the furniture base;

• small parts and accessories of disassembled cabinets, sofas, etc. should to be packaged in zip bags, so that later you can easily bring the furniture back to its original form (you can also mark the location of each screw in the item, thereby making assembly easier;

• do not skimp on packaging material. The more reliable the packaging, the less risk that the furniture will be damaged or broken;

• it is better to pack glass and mirror elements in stretch film or pimpled polyethylene;

• foamed polyethylene will protect the varnished doors from scratches, while maintaining the appearance of the transported products; kitchen furniture with built-in appliances must be transported, having previously disconnected and securely fixed electric wires and pipes for sewage; in antique pieces of furniture, you must first remove the shelves, and close the doors with a key and fix them with construction tape;

• if you still have boxes from the manufacturer of furniture, it is better to pack the products in them.

Particular attention should be paid to fix furniture structures in a truck. To do this, use special belts. According to the rules the carrier should fasten these belts in the van directly. By paying maximum attention to disassembling and packing furniture, you will make the process of transporting furniture much easier and safer.

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