Moving companies: when and why can they be needed?

Moving companies: when and why can they be needed?

 All companies involved in the organization of relocation can be divided into three groups:

  • Large organizations cooperating with customers who need to transport large-scale cargo. Such moving companies are distinguished by a large number of personnel, an extensive and diverse fleet of cars and fairly high prices with high quality work. By the way, the list of their services often also includes storage of furniture and things in their own warehouses – this may well come in handy for those who started a major repair in the apartment.
  • Medium moving firms are the most common category. Their services are used by a huge target audience – from office owners to ordinary citizens. The advantages of such companies are also highly qualified employees, the availability of their own cars and an individual approach to the client.
  • Trucking crews that can be found on an ad on the Internet. The only plus of such teams is the low cost of services, but it is impossible to get a quality guarantee when working with them: most often they work without concluding a contract with a client.

Where exactly can the services of movers be needed? The answer is clear – when moving: apartment, office, production. Professionals will cope with work of any complexity. Do not be mistaken and think that the task of the movers is only to take the furniture out of the room, load it into the car, and bring it to the floor upon arrival at the destination. Specialists provide a much wider range of services, in fact, completely entrusting themselves with all the hassles of organizing and conducting the move.

Dismantling and packaging of furniture.

One of the most important tasks when transporting bulky and valuable things. The client no longer needs to worry about how he will deal with disassembling a bulky sofa or packing fragile electronics – professionals will do everything for him. During disassembly, each piece of furniture is marked and packaged separately. Items that cannot be taken apart will also be carefully packed in bubble wrap and boxes. Thus, the risk of damage is minimal.

Removal things.

At first glance, this is the easiest stage of the move, but unprofessionalism here can lead to irreparable consequences. In addition, some Soviet-built houses do not provide freight elevators, so you have to take things, including large ones, up the stairs. Skilled movers use special devices for this – rigging belts, slings and trolleys.


 A lot depends on how well it is produced, including the speed of work (and therefore the total amount that will have to be paid for the move) and the safety of the property.


Professional companies transport customers in specially equipped vehicles with soft interior trim and fasteners. By the way, the distinguishing feature of a reliable moving company is the presence of a forwarder to accompany the transport. The freight forwarder is responsible for the safety of property: he will carefully ensure that not a single thing is lost or damaged when moving. Unloading and raising to the floor. As we already said, not all houses have freight elevators. Another problem is the width of the stairs and stairwells: often it just does not allow you to turn around there with a bulky cargo in your hands. As a rule, doorways in apartments do not differ in large sizes. Therefore, loaders have to perform many complex maneuvers in order to bring a piece of furniture into the room without damage – especially if it is not folding. Miramoving Company owns all the secrets of unloading and skidding. Unpacking and assembly is a huge plus moving with a moving company. “Ad-loader” loader teams are usually only involved in delivering things to the apartment. In this case, the owner is forced to unpack and arrange furniture on his own. The movers will not only raise the property to the floor, but also unpack it, assemble the furniture and, in addition, arrange it in accordance with the instructions of the client. With a careful study of the work of the movers, it becomes obvious – in cooperation with them there are undeniable advantages. And if you decide to use the services of one of these companies, it remains only to choose who exactly will help you in organizing the move.