Moving old stuff to a villa house

Moving old stuff to a villa house

In the classic version, the situation looks like this – the furniture from the house sooner or later falls into the villa house. As soon as a new sofa, armchair, cupboard or table appears in the house, the simplest solution for previous furniture arises on its own – take it to a villa house.

But how to do it best? How to organize the relocation of a summer residence (cottage), taking into consideration that the process is complexified by long distances and not always a good country road?

We have a solution to this problem – call Mira Moving Company and we will arrange transportation of furniture outside the city in no time.

We know that each move is unique and involves many complex challenges. You have the opportunity to simplify your life by entrusting the organization of your moving to experienced assistants from Mira Moving Company: always-high quality and affordable residential moving services.

A professionals’ team from the Mira Moving Company is ready to help you with this and will organize such residential moving for you. We are specialized in residential moving of any complexity. We have vast experience in this business; we are waiting for your calls and immediately get to work.


  • Relocation of a summer residence includes transportation of:
  • Televisions and Computer Hardware
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Washing machines and gas stoves
  • Glass, aquarium and other fragile things
  • Sofas, bed and other furniture
  • Oversized items

In the services provided, we include the entire range of necessary components for the implementation of high-quality transportation of things to a villa house

These include:

  • High-quality work of the customer department, where applications are promptly accepted by phone;
  • Free visit of our specialists to evaluate the amount of work and draw up a contract;
  • Transport services include vehicles with a covered body of the required volume with appropriate load securing belts;
  • Services of highly qualified specialists in the required quantity;
  • Packaging material capable of transporting property without mechanical damage.

Mira Moving Company is ready to help you cope with all the difficulties you have while moving. All you have to do is call us or leave a request on our website.

Our company is highly reputable which is confirmed by many feedbacks from grateful Clients. We have organized a huge number of classic relocations. We have a license for movements, and our responsibility to customers is insured. The company staff has not only the necessary professional skills but also is honest with the Customer. Your needs are a priority for us and we always strive to justify your trust as much as possible.

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