What does moving mean in general?
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What does moving mean in general?

Moving is not just transportation, these two words cover an equally wide range of works. A moving company can carry out apartment, office, and cottage relocation, and in many cases rigging. In Europe, there are even entire schools of moving and the International Personal Carrier Association (FIDI), which brings together under its leadership specialists in moving and cargo transportation. They exchange experience and regularly confirm their qualifications based on an audit, using special certification.

Moving and cargo taxi are one and the same

Moving is a broader concept, which hides a whole range of services: packaging, delivery, unloading, if necessary – cleaning, safe storage and other things. For example Mira moving was always focused on integrated work. Of course, we can only book a car rental or hire one crew of movers. But the main focus of our moving company c is still on the integrated organization and conduct of various kinds of relocations. And a cargo taxi is a separate type of work, implying only transportation (sometimes with possible unloading).

A lot of moving companies start with ordinary apartment moves. But the most successful specialists do not stop there – they strive for continuous development. And over time, the moving company begins to provide more and more additional services that are in demand among potential customers.

All calculations when moving are made “by eye”

Any normal moving company has a price list. It indicates how much it costs to lift furniture to one floor, an hour of renting a car, certain services like assembling furniture, rigging and other things. The more detailed the price, the more trust the company provokes. In addition, you can check the details at any time with the dispatcher for whom your order is assigned.

Moving is an area where you do not need special knowledge and skills, anyone can do this. Try moving the piano yourself or packing some oversized item. If you do it quickly, deftly, reliably and at the same time you don’t even get tired – it means that you can work in the field of moving. But most likely, you will have difficulties already while carrying the piano through a narrow doorway. Meanwhile, a professional with special skills and proven technology will do it faster and more technically. As in any other industry, it has its own characteristics. They are especially important for urgent moving, carrying heavy objects and other operations that we encounter in everyday life by no means every day. Such professionals you can easily find in Mira moving company!  Moreover, we run our business honestly: prices are agreed in advance, and we do not have hidden fees and charges. We provide a full range of services from the moment of packing, carrying out and loading of things up to their placing in a new place and collecting garbage. We have a license for this type of activity, and our responsibility to clients is insured. If you are going to move, you have a unique opportunity to make sure that we are the best in this business. Call Mira Moving Company and your move will be organized at the highest level!

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